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We had a good time netfor was entertaining. Both of us in our forties and married, but after abit extra excitement in our lives. My husband was pleased with myself with netand I do not think, however, a cyber- affair. As I have already told me to do 18to19 our thing, ' when the topic of our meeting was' a friend of mine was contacted by a few months. ' If I'm honest, I guess I knew I would, but when I read some messages that could not stop the wave of excitement I felt. I thought for a few days, while my partner and I Ciber measured at the end gave me to accept to meet him at a pub near his house ( I did not want the risk of someone saying to me, push me know on my forum home run of the city. the day came. I had made ​​my excuses at home. Getting into the car, I went to the tavern. G my friend was already there. he stood when he entered he recognized me from the photos. ABIT greeted each other selfconciously and gave me a drink. we talked as we had our drinks. had everything fromloads at first, but in our second drinks both began to relax. None of us have much time, so the cable to the G when I was ready to leave 18to19 I asked agreed to follow for your car. Parking was great and in this winter day nearly empty. G took us to the last corner. It was quiet and protected from the rest of the park by a thick trees, parked behind the n G. 18to19 We sat down to talk comfortably, but both experience a tingling anticipation, at least me! Soon leanttowards after me G wearrived first time in 18to19 twenty years, had another man's lips are mine and 18to19 my lips are welcomed, as I opened my mouth with his tongue probing, welcoming the 18to19 mine. There was little pretense, we both know what we were there. G. is the hand that quickly put the chest and was allowed to expose my breasts bra thebttons locked blue light, rubbing his eyes and liberation. Son was out of my bra. When he sought to caress my nipples harden beganto with dark lips my handand found to their full capacity, which I had published shortly, the release of it and wrap it in my fingers. I gasped as Gcontinued suck me, now fullyerect the spike of her face and gently manipulate their manhood with a kiss up and down softly and moving slowly. I felt his hand slide G, opened my legs and thighs, hands and let my panties wet fnd missions, which were phased out soon. With a cupped hand bag you wrapped 18to19 in the testes very large, full of life fluid administration. I felt his hand on my womanhood, and gave a groan when the middle finger on his lips, after the shortest time, beyond my outer labia and pouting in the dark heat of my femininity. G invitation took out with him in the back of his car, an estate that had moved down, and some ceilings already. We put our hands on constriction hot as any other organ withalmosta explore their own will. I could feel the fingers G, now accompanied by another moving smoothlyup and down my wet womanhood, as I tuned my application wth ownhand loosening the foreskin over the head of his manhood, before slowly easing down. Murmur amid groans and moans, before we moved to ackwardly indulgingin fabulous fit '69 'G hard, rigid masculinity slides over my lips and my mouth while his tongue played with my clit hard way and beyond! N in my head I knew I had so far intend to go first this time. But now his Carresse intheheat and embraced my willpower and plans 18to19 faded. when moving in the G I said hello, my hand, his erect manhood between my thighs and outer labia open. Both of us criedout softly as his erection slowly stretched my mouth in front of me, accepted me as the meeting of the bar along its length. We 18to19 fora moment to kiss him lightly before adjusted up and down with 18to19 the movements of my hips, I meet one another, lockingmy ankles behind his back began to push deep inside me and luxuryiating in the sense of his masculinity, the first, except my husband twenty years ago when she moved into my wet womanhood. went together, the feeling of our building excitement and muttering quietly among themselves. Suddenly I felt that further harden and begin to pound his manhood broke me and pushed me against it and feel it reach new depths when his manhood throbbed and burst its thick beak, white on the condom barrier G. fell upon me, and stood in silence satisfied, comfortable for a time, gently kissing. Then, near the child, and returned rearrangd clothes in front of the car for the short drive G 18to19 back to my car. Adeep along with an agreement for a kiss on the chat line that night and I changed my own car for the trip back to my family again.
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